People in Singapore

In your everyday life, you must have crossed paths with hundreds of Singaporeans – perhaps your boss, your friends, or even the Auntie selling your favourite food dish at the canteen.

Did you realise that there are a couple of superstars have also been granted Singaporean Citizenship?

Source: Chinese star Jet Li ‘takes Singapore citizenship’

What’s the difference between Gong Li and say, a local citizen born and bred in Singapore?


Which bridge is named after our second President?

It shouldn’t take you too long to think of the correct answers. Let’s check out what other people came up with!



Our question to you, dear reader, is:

What constitutes being a Singaporean, as opposed to a Singapore Citizen? Does it mean that by getting such questions wrong, you are merely a Singapore Citizen with a pink IC, but not a Singaporean?

Does it even matter?

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